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borntobe's Journal

Born to be a fan of __
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*takes a deep breath* Okaaay here's the plan. This community is based upon what you're born to be a fan of. Whether it be a J-Rock star to pocket dispencers, if you think you're born to be a fan of it, that's what this community is here for!

Created by: mina5643 , shiraha / veggie_chan , and sakai_bara

This was originally a DeadJournal Community but we decided to spread it out to here. So, we have both a LiveJournal and DeadJournal community dedicated to the Born to Be-ness of it all. :b

The rules are simple, you have to make sure what your born-to-be-ness isn't taken. You can do that by going to a Claim List, which I will make very soon once this thing is somewhat popular. o_o;

And again, NO flaming/discouraging/negative words/etc., or I will boot you out. Simple enough.

Have fun. ^^